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About Payal Arora

I am a product of India, the land of Bollywood and Outsourcing. Was shipped off to San Francisco but alas failed to start my own Hare Krishna club out there. Instead, spent some years selling art with the right mix of cheap wine and cheese but that was thankfully interrupted by my love affair with New York and research more than a decade ago. Since then, Culture, Technology and Communication have become my staple cocktail mix. Whether it is tucked away in a little village in the Himalayas or the schools in the Bronx, people astonish me with their play with new media. Currently, I'm in the Netherlands, paid to pontificate and corrupt young minds…am loving it! Check out my website for more details if interested.

Our MOOC on Emerging art markets & the digital age is out now

new artThis is an exciting time for us as our first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) has formally been launched. The course, ‘Emerging art markets and the digital age‘ allows students, practitioners and art enthusiasts from around the world to join in and collectively tackle some of the most challenging questions of today’s art economy: is art expertise dead in the age of online reviews? Is the internet leveling the playing field for artists in regions outside the west such as India and China? Is social media reinventing the role of the museum? What do art consumers want today out of art institutions as art information and the prospects of buying and selling has become easier and more direct? Does this translate to a more democratic, global and transparent art market?  

We are looking forward to how this plays out in the coming months!


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