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Online course on art markets in the digital age

We have been invited to design and teach an online course module for art professionals on Emerging markets and ICTs at IESA UK. The Institut d’Etudes Supérieures des Arts was created in 1985 in Paris as a vocational, dynamic and student-centered alternative to the more rigid and theoretical system in French universities. IESA UK renewed this philosophy in London in 2004, offering cutting edge programs that revolutionized the way the art market is taught, combining for the first time the study of history with the practice of business.

Our module focuses on emerging art markets and will consist of 8 sessions featuring several podcasts each. The aim of this course is to present art market students and professionals alike a thorough introduction to the art world, and provide insights as to how it operates. We will cover topics such as the impact of globalization on the art system, the role of experts and other intermediaries, quality in art, the rise of e-commerce, the potentially democratizing effect of the internet, the valuation of art and, of course, a discussion on emerging art markets such China and India.

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