Vienna University, the Belvedere Museum, and Dorotheum Auction – Vienna (2018). Payal Arora as the keynote on ‘Automating culture: How digital platforms are shaping the art world.’ The International Art Markets Studies Association (TIAMSA), 27-29 September 2018 (Filip Vermeylen was one of the key organizers in this event).

Christie’s – London (2016). Payal Arora as the speaker on ‘Digital marketing in the cultural industries,’ Technology and the Art Market seminar.

Museum Folkwang – Essen (2015). Payal Arora as the speaker on ‘Art Commons and the Digital Age
The battle between democratization & commercialism,’ The Art Museum and Its New Publics international conference.

Christie’s New York (2015). Do we still need art historians? Connoisseurship and art expertise in the digital and global art market, Symposium on Art Market Studies: Art History’s Salvation or Doom?

Museum Folkwang – Essen (2015). The Art Museum and Its New Publics.

Association of Internet Researchers – Daegu(2014). New information brokers and art narratives: Implications of searching online for art information. Panel on The Art World 2.0.

Kings College London(2013). The New Cultural Commons? Social media, the Art World and a Democratic Promise. Mapping Cultural Consumers Online Symposium, Department of Culture, Media & Creative Industries.

European Sociology Association – Turin (2013). Are we all connoisseurs now? The changing landscape of art expertise in the digital age. Conference European Sociology Association.

Swiss Institute for Art Research (SIK-ISEA)(2013). Are we all connoisseurs now? The changing landscape of art expertise in the digital age. 

Duke University (2012). Have social networks rendered art experts redundant? Collaborative workshop Art expertise in the digital age, 

University of York (2012). Digital glocalization or misinformation on art? Relating rural knowledge with global knowledge. Co-production of Knowledge: Social media, STS Symposium: Science and Technology Studies Unit.

Utrecht University (2012). Chinese cowboy paintings as Western art? New Digital and Global Learning in Rural India. Digital Crossroads: Media, Migration and Diaspora in a transnational perspective.

17th International Conference on Cultural Economics – Kyoto (2012). Social media as experts and global art markets.

International Communication Association – Phoenix (2012). The end of the art connoisseur? Experts and knowledge production in the visual arts in the digital age.

40th World Congress of the International Institute of Sociology – Delhi (2012). Technological Innovations in Public Art Museums in Amsterdam and Mumbai

Sotheby’s Institute of Art – London (2011). Uncertainity in the art markets and the role of Art Experts in information evaluation in the Digital Age. University of Cambridge Judge Business School.

European Communication Research and Education Association – Barcelona (2011). New experts, new media in the art world. Workshop.

University of Avignon (2011). Learning to Evaluate art quality in the digital age. International Research Conference by University of Avignon and the Vaucluse.

Maastricht Virtual Knowledge Studio (2011). Participatory knowledge production 2.0: Critical views & experiences workshop.

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